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Latest News

Hosts wanted for our next round of BSHS Engagement Fellows

The British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) is delighted to announce the third iteration of a scheme to support small and local museums, archives, galleries and libraries whose collections connect to themes in the history of science, technology, engineering and medicine. The BSHS is inviting museums and archives to apply to the scheme in order to support their [...]

Poll Result: BSHS backs Rosalind Franklin to feature on £50 note

​The BSHS, Britain’s leading community of scientific historians, has conducted a poll to decide who should be pictured on the new £50 bank note.  The great majority of both men and women wanted to see this honour go to a woman – and their top choice was Rosalind Elsie Franklin (1920-58), who has come to symbolise gender discrimination in the scientific [...]

Arthur S. Eddington: From Physics to Philosophy and Back Again

The centenary of the 29 May 1919 eclipse is a great opportunity for specialists to gather in Paris from 27 to 29 May 2019. This international conference aims to bring together physicists, philosophers and historians, in order to discuss the works and achievements of Arthur S. Eddington. It is jointly organised by IPC-Facultés Libres de Philosophie et de Psychologie and [...]

Symposium: Sleep and Stress, Past and Present (7th December, The Royal Society)

Sleep and Stress, Past and Present 7th December 2018 9:00am—5:00pm Kohn Centre, The Royal Society A one-day interdisciplinary symposium in the Kohn Centre at the Royal Society, Sleep and Stress, Past and Present brings together expert scientists, medical practitioners, historians and literary critics to discuss the intersections between sleep and stress, both historically and in contemporary society. Prof Russell Foster [...]

Call for Papers – SCIENTIAE: Early Modern Knowledge (June 2019, Queen’s University, Belfast)

With plenary addresses by Ingrid Rowland (Notre Dame/Rome) & Rob Iliffe (Oxford) and plenary panels led by Subha Mukherji (Cambridge) & Marco Sgarbi, Pietro Daniel Omodeo, and Craig Martin (Venice). Scientiae is the interdisciplinary conference on intellectual culture, 1400-1800. It is centred on, but not limited to, developments in the early-modern natural sciences. Philosophers, historians, literary scholars and others are invited to share [...]

2019 Dingle Prize: Book Nominations Open

The British Society for the History of Science invites book nominations for the 2019 Dingle Prize. In keeping with the Society’s concern to communicate history of science to broad audiences, the 2019 Dingle Prize will be offered for the best book in the history of science, technology, and medicine, first published in English in 2017 or 2018, which is accessible to [...]

Superwomen of Engineering

  BSHS Vice-President Patricia Fara recently performed at the Science Museum's Late "Superwomen of Engineering". Find out more about the Minerva Scientifica theatre-music project and its reflections on the lives and work of British Women Scientists on Electric Voice Theatre's website.

Call for Submissions: History of Science Sourcebook (deadline January 10th 2019):

The following call for submissions comes from a group of student members of the BSHS We are asking for Sources and explanatory text for a history of science sourcebook that focuses on women in science (broadly construed) from a global perspective, from antiquity to the present day. Aims Our sourcebook is designed to complement the teaching of undergraduate history of [...]

BJHS Preview: Issue 4 2018

Special issue: Science and Islands in Indo-Pacific Worlds The December BJHS issue will take us to the distant islands and waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The editors Sebestian Kroupa, Stephanie Mawson and Dorit Brixius open with a conceptualisation of the Indo-Pacific, its islands and their place within the history of science. Following the introduction, the five contributions reveal [...]

CFP Workshop: The Changing Role of Consultants in Industry, 1850–2000

The Changing Role of Consultants in Industry, 1850–2000 Workshop at the Maison Française d’Oxford, 2-10 Norham Road, Oxford OX2 6SE, United Kingdom 10-11 May 2019 Submission deadline for proposals: 7 December 2018 While historians have explored the role of R&D in industrial progress, consultants as a specialist professional group are largely neglected. With few exceptions, only passing reference is made [...]

BSHS Translations: Wilhelm Johannsen’s ‘About Darwinism, seen from the point of view of the science of heredity’

The BSHS is delighted to announce the release of the second in our Translations series. Nils Roll-Hansen's translation of Wilhelm Johannsen's 'About Darwinism, seen from the point of view of the science of heredity' is now freely available on our website. Wilhelm Johannsen is a standard reference in the history of genetics. He clarified the distinction between genotype and phenotype, [...]

Local Narratives of a Global Pandemic: BSHS Engagement Fellowship at the George Marshall Medical Museum, Worcester

In the second post in our series about BSHS Engagement Fellowships, we hear about a project at the George Marshall Medical Museum (GMMM) in Worcester. Laura Mainwaring, PhD student at the University of Leicester, and Louise Price, curator at GMMM, describe their collaboration on local historical research that will complement the touring exhibition “Spanish Flu” (curated by the Florence Nightingale [...]

Jamaican Natural History collections at Bristol – First steps in a BSHS Engagement Fellowship

Over the last three years the BSHS has run Engagement Fellowships. These Fellowships are opportunities for postgraduate students to collaborate with museums, archives and other heritage organisations. The collaborations generate new engagement activities, exhibition content or resources that are based on emerging scholarship in History of Science. Over the next three weeks we will be presenting some of the fantastic [...]

Jeff Hughes, 12 November 1965 – 14 September 2018

We at the British Society for the History of Science would like to add our voice to those commemorating the life and work of Dr. Jeff Hughes, our former President (2008-09). His contributions to the history of science and to our organisation will continue to shape our field, and our thoughts are with all of his family, friends, and colleagues. [...]

What’s On at the Museum of the History of Science (University of Oxford), October – December 2018

MUSEUM OF THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD October – December 2018 DISPLAYS WOMEN IN SCIENCE: Portraits, Archive Material, Trails and Talks Basement Gallery March – December 2018 100 years ago, the first group of women won the right to vote in the UK. In this centenary year, there is widespread recognition of the political role women have played [...]

Linda Hall Library 2019-20 Fellowships

The Linda Hall Library is now accepting applications for its 2019-20 fellowship program. These fellowships fund research stays in Kansas City, MO lasting between one week and four months for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and independent scholars in the history of science and related STS fields. The Linda Hall Library offers outstanding primary sources that document the evolution of science, [...]

Faking It: Forgery and Fabrication in Late Medieval and Early Modern Culture (August 2019)

The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 15-17th August 2019 What is real and what is fake? And why does it matter? As soon as objects, texts and utterances (be they pragmatic or artistic) become imbued with a sense of authority or authenticity, there is a potential to produce other objects, texts and utterances which mimic and attempt to siphon off that [...]

“Wandering Womb” Exhibition Launch

“The Wandering Womb”: Women’s health past and present Exhibition at the Royal College of Nursing Library and Heritage Centre 20 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0RN (18 October 2018 – 15 March 2019)   Women have long been viewed as at the mercy of their biology. In the ancient medical world it was believed that a “wandering womb” could cause suffocation [...]

2018 Pickstone Prize – Winner Announced

    The 2018 BSHS Pickstone Prize has been awarded to Michael Wintroub for his book The Voyage of Thought: Navigating Knowledge across the Sixteenth-Century World (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017) Judge Charlotte Sleigh, editor of the British Journal for the History of Science, described The Voyage of Thought as: ‘Extraordinary. This book changed my perspective on the history of [...]

Have you had research funding? Info request from BSHS

The Council of the British Society for the History of Science is seeking to gain a better understanding of the extent to which HPS and STS are benefitting from research funding, whether that be for substantive research projects, fellowships, networks, impact projects or studentships. If you have been investigator on a funded research project in the last 10 years, we [...]

Marie Skłodowska Curie voted most significant woman in world history

Marie Skłodowska Curie has been voted the most significant woman in world history in a poll conducted by BBC History magazine. She was nominated by Patricia Fara, President of the British Society for the History of Science. The magazine compiled a shortlist of '100 women who changed the world', chosen by 10 experts, and asked its readers to help rank the [...]

2018 Singer Prize winner announced

The BSHS is delighted to announce the winner and runner-up for the 2018 Singer Prize, which is awarded every two years to the writer of an unpublished essay, based on original research into any aspect of the history of science, technology or medicine. This year's winner is: Pierre Verschueren, ‘“Great things are done when (Wo)Men & Mountains meet”: The Summer School [...]

BSHS Dingle Prize Lecture 2018

Adventures in the Anthropocene by Alexander von Humboldt, father of environmentalism Roger Highfield describes a recent encounter between Royal Society science book prize winners Andrea Wulf and Gaia Vince, held in the Science Museum to celebrate Wulf’s latest literary prize, awarded by the British Society for the History of Science. You can listen to Wulf's lecture here. Alexander von Humboldt [...]

The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme from The Royal Society

The Royal Society's Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme is named in memory of the eminent British historian Professor Lisa Jardine CBE FRS. The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme is designed to offer the opportunity for early career scholars to exploit history of science collections, including the Royal Society’s own, in support of their research in the field of intellectual history. The scheme [...]

New ‘Perspective’ section in the BJHS

The British Journal for the History of Science is pleased to announce a new ‘Perspective’ section to appear semi-regularly in the Journal from 2019 onwards. Its contents will take one of three main forms: First, International Advisors of the British Society for the History of Science have been invited to contribute their views on the field in their home or adopted countries. Second, very [...]

Literary Agents Seek History of Science Authors

Antony Harwood Literary Agents are actively seeking authors with an interest in public engagement to develop ideas for books and broadcast media projects dedicated to the history of science. Our interest extends across all periods and disciplines, and topics may include biography, the history of ideas, and the social history of science, in particular the role of patronage in supporting [...]

Celebrating 50 Volumes of the BJHS!

The British Journal for the History of Science (BJHS) is celebrating 50 volumes just as the BSHS celebrates its 70th anniversary. In celebration of this great achievement, Editor Dr. Charlotte Sleigh has commissioned a virtual special issue for which each surviving former editor nominated one favourite paper from their period of tenure. As you can imagine, this takes us way back [...]

Otterden Place, Faversham, Kent

Otterden Place, Faversham, Kent By Charlotte Sleigh, University of Kent, with thanks to David Clark. This simple picture below, well known to historians of science, shows one of the earliest experiments in the conductance of ‘Electrick Vertue’, performed in 1729.  ‘A’ is oiled, wet thread, supported on silk strands that run between poles C and D.  The Vertue is communicated [...]

Vote science! Who should we nominate to be featured on the next £50 bank note?

The Bank of England recently announced that the next £50 bank note will feature someone who made an outstanding contribution to science. The British Society for the History of Science is delighted at this recognition of the importance of the history of science, and we will be adding our voice to the debate. President Tim Boon and Vice-President Patricia Fara [...]

Public Talk – King Richard III: the resolution of a 500 year old cold case

King Richard III: the resolution of a 500 year old cold case 7.00pm to 8.30pm, Monday 26 November The Theatre, The Royal Institytion The 500 year old skeleton of Richard III was uncovered in 2012 and identified a year later. In this year's Genetics Society JBS Haldane Lecture, Turi King will discuss leading the international research team involved in the DNA identification work [...]

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