2007 Philosophy and History of Medicine Seminar Series – Programme in Medical Humanities, University of Bristol

University of Bristol’s Programme in Medical Humanities is pleased to announce its inaugural seminar series in the Philosophy and History of Medicine

20 February – Nick Hopwood (University of Cambridge), ‘Making embryos and embryologists: wax models and portrait sculpture’

6 March – Tatjana Buklijas (University of Cambridge), ‘Anatomical politics and urban transformation in Vienna, 1848-1945’

20 March – Alexander Kosenina (University of Bristol) ‘Dream and Crime in 18th Century Anthropology’

3 April – Penny Starns (University of Bristol) ‘Reclaiming the Spirit of Hippocrates? The History of European Medicine 1850-1950

17 April – Mark Bostridge, (Writer/Biographer)’Florence Nightingale: An Icon and Her Biographers’

Seminars will be held in the Common Room of the Department of Philosophy, 9 Woodland Road.

Program in Medical Humanities Philosophy and History of Medicine Seminar Series Department of Philosophy University of Bristol 9 Woodland Road Bristol BS8 1TB http://www.bristol.ac.uk/philosophy/department/events Contact: Michael Bresalier, <[email protected]>