This is to let you inform that during the 2nd ICESHS (Cracow, 6-9 September, 2006), on Saturday of 9 September we will organise sessions on the following matters:

R1: “The role of national and international societies in the history of science”,

RE “History and the Public Understanding of Science”,

E1 “History of science in education and training in Europe: which new perspectives?”,

E-varia: “Teaching Controversial Themes in the History of Science”, “Bridging the gap between secondary school and the History of Science”, and all other educational subjects not included to the E1 Symposium.

D2: “The History of Science and the Cultural Integration of Europe: Barriers and Opportunities”.

If you have submitted already an abstract of your first paper to the Office of the Conference but you also have something interesting to say on the R1 or RE, or E1, E-varia or D2 matters, the Office encourages you to submit an abstract of your second paper on the matters. [The maximum number of all these additional papers is limited to 50.]

Moreover, the Office encourages you to submit an abstract of a poster on any theme of the conference (that is: R1 – R-varia, RE, E1- E-varia, D2) – Poster Dimensions: 70 cm (width) x 100 cm (height). [The maximum number of all conference posters is limited to 40.]

In both of these cases, please do not bother that the deadline for submitting abstracts passed on 15 March 2006 (as the website of the conference states). A new deadline for the matters mentioned above (and only for them) is 10 May 2006.

Abstracts should be prepared according to the standard format assumed for contributed papers (please see the “Format of proposals” below or at the right navigation panel). As a theme of the e-mail please give: “2nd ABSTRACT” – the symbol of the session, e.g., E1 (PAPER) or the symbol of the session, e.g., E1 (POSTER).

Office of the 2nd ICESHS: [email protected]

Website of the Conference: