3rd International Conference onThe History of Medicine in Southeast Asia
(HOMSEA 2010)

To be held in Singapore
22-25 June 2010
to coincide with IAHA 2010 (International Association of Historians of Asia)

Organised by:
Department of History, STS Research Cluster & Asia Research Institute (ARI)
NationalUniversity of Singapore
With support from:

The NationalUniversity of Singapore
The Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine
UniversityCollegeLondon (UCL)
The Canada Research Chair in Health Care Pluralism
Université de Montréal (Canada)
The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS, The Netherlands)

Program Committee:
Professor Harold Cook, Wellcome Trust for the History of Medicine at UCL
Professor Rethy Chhem,Medical University of Vienna/ Institute for History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine, UlmUniversity
Dr. Laurence Monnais, University of Montreal, CRC in Health Care Pluralism
Dr. John DiMoia, NationalUniversity of Singapore
Dr. Liew Kai Khiun, NationalUniversity of Singapore
and other members of the LOC (Local Organizing Committee)

All proposals on the subject of the history of medicine and health in Southeast Asia will be considered, but preference will be given to those on the theme of:

New Medicines, Markets, and the Development of Medical Pluralism

The theme “New Medicines, Markets, and the Development of Medical Pluralism” intends to explore how both local and metropolitan actors in Southeast Asia have contributed historically to the growth and development of medical markets throughout the region, here implying both traditional pharmacopeia as well as the arrival of newer pharmaceuticals in colonial and post-colonial settings. With a time frame preceding formal colonial intervention in the region and ranging up to the present, with the creation of a local infrastructure for biomedical and biotech work, participants are encouraged to submit individual papers and panels with possible themes including:

Women and Health in Southeast Asia

Medical pluralism in Southeast Asia: A Historical Perspective

Medical markets in SEA

Southeast Asian Biopoleis (including the growth of biomedical infrastructure, ScienceParks, and Local Production Facilities—identification of pharmacopoeia, drug development)

New Sources, New Methodologies, New Historiographies

As the HOMSEA meeting will coincide with the IAHA 2010 meeting in Singapore, those interested in expanding the discussion either geographically—to include North East Asia and South Asia—chronologically, or methodologically are encouraged to apply to HOMSEA as well as the IAHA meeting to broaden the scope of discussion.

Please see the IAHA website at:

Please submit a one-page proposed abstract for a 20-minute talk, and a one-page CV by 30th December 2009 to: Laurence Monnais (laurence [dot] monnais-rousselot [at] umontreal [dot] ca)

Please note that it may be possible to subsidize some of the costs of participation for scholars from less wealthy countries.

For further information about funding and the general organization of the meeting, please contact: John DiMoia (hisjpd [at] nus [dot] edu [dot] sg)