Conference – 400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes – A Review of History, Science and Technology

This month is the 400th anniversary of Hans Lipperhey’s application for a patent on the telescope. To mark this event, there is an exciting conference on “400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes – A Review of History, Science and Technology” taking place at ESTEC in the Netherlands on 29th Sept to the 2nd Oct. The meeting will review 400 years of developments in optical and non-optical telescopes, world-famous observatories, key technologies and components, the interplay of scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs, political and sociological aspects, and provide a daring outlook into the future.

The meeting will be interesting to all those who want to know how we have arrived at the current ‘golden age of astronomy’, what lessons we can learn from that journey, and how this can help us plan for the future.

To make the wide field of 400 years of telescope history and technology interesting to what is expected to be a rather mixed audience, the program consists exclusively of invited review talks given leaders in each field. The speakers include Albert Van Helden, George Rieke, Riccardo Giacconi, Reinhard Genzel, Lo Woltjer, Roger Angel, Malcolm Longair, Virginia Trimble, Bob O’Dell, Martin Harwit & Tim de Zeeuw. The presentations are to be published by Springer in what we expect will be an attractive and coherent book. Poster papers are encouraged, and will also be considered for publication in the book.

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