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Preliminary Program: (Five sessions)

Historical Aspects of Plant Pathology : History of the Phytopathology as a Discipline; History of Plant Protection; History of Plant Diseases; History of the participation of Phytopathology as Field in the Development of the Life Sciences. Memories.

1) History of the explanatory models – History of Phytopathology as a scientific discipline: The word “Phytopathology” was created around the mid-19th century but learned writings on plant diseases date to Antiquity (Theophrastus, etc.); the number of such texts has grown rapidly since mid-18th century. Several explanatory models were suggested in different fields: agriculture, chemistry, botany, plant physiology, etc. The discipline itself emerged slowly during the 19th century, with institutionalization patterns depending on each country.

2) History (and ethnology) of Plant Protection Practices. Traditional peasant practices, as well as practices suggested by the scientists are both ancient and cross-cultural. Peasant techniques preceded speculations by scientists. To what extent the learned models and the practices suggested by the scientists take into consideration or ignore the peasant practices?

3) History of Plant Diseases. Such diseases had major effects in the history of human (rural and urban) societies, from destruction of crops resulting in famines to the religious organisation of the annual seasons (e.g. /rubigalia/ in ancient Rome) to international migration (e.g. the Irish to the US) and the international organisation of plant protection (such as the origins of the “Food and Agriculture Organization” of the United Nations).

4) History of the participation of the Phytopathological Studies in the development of the Life Science: e.g. the microparasite concept in the 18th and the 19th centuries; chemical genetics with the Tobacco Mosaic Virus since 1935; genetically modified plants with /Agrobacterium tumefasciens/ from the 1970s.

5) Collective and individual memories of phytopathologists, e.g. anniversary volumes – festschrifts, for founders of the discipline; oral histories; Sites of Memory.

This workshop is an opportunity to integrate diverse historical studies, from various countries, as they pertain to the above mentioned five aspects of the History of Plant Pathology.

Call for papers: (individual papers and entire sessions)

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This workshop organized by Gilles Denis (UMR Savoirs, Textes, Langage – CNRS, Univ. de Lille 3 et 1) and by Bernardino Fantini (Institut d’Histoire de la Médecine et de la Santé – Univ. de Genève)