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The Royal Statistical Society presents a two-day Meeting for Francis Galton’s Centenary


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

10:00  am              Registration (On-line registration takes place on


10:30 am               Welcome Valerie Isham, President of the Royal Statistical Society

10:45 am              Galton: Parent of Modern Statistical Methods              John Aldrich, University of Southampton

11:30 pm               Galton’s percentiles and the development of growth charts          Tim Cole, University College London

12:15 am               Lunch

Moderator:            Raymond Flood, Kellogg College, Oxford

1:30 pm                 Constructing and Deconstructing Francis Galton, 1911-2011                   John Bibby

2:00 pm               Galton and the Darwins on the distribution of variation before, during and after speciation           Chris Pritchard, McLaren High School, Callander, Scotland

2:30 pm                Galton’s influence on Karl Pearson’s thinking        Eileen Magnello.  Science and Technology Studies, UCL

3:00 pm                Afternoon Tea/Coffee  

Moderator:            Mark Casson, Reading University

3:30pm                 Galton’s influence on R.A. Fisher           A.W.F.  Edwards,  Cambridge

4:00 pm                 Statistical Modelling: A Galtonian View        Warren Gilchrist, Emeritus,  Sheffield Hallam University  

4:30-5pm              Panel Discussion

6-7pm                A Commemoration of Galton at the Petrie Museum, UCL                       A small exhibition was set up by Debbie Challis on the links between Galton and the Victorian Egyptologist, Flinders Petrie. The museum will be open for the RSS. Many of Galton’s instruments will be on display in a separate room. Wine will be served. Space is limited, so if you are interested in attending, please e-mail [email protected]

The Royal Statistical Society presents

A two-day Meeting  for Francis Galton’s Centenary


Wednesday, 7 September 2011


10:00  am        Registration

10:30 am         Welcome,          Joe Cain, Dept of Science and Technology Studies, University College London

10:45 am         Ideas Man: The Stranger Notions of Francis Galton           Daniel Maier, London

11:45 am         Francis Galton & Florence Nightingale: A Match Made in Statistical Heaven

Natasha McEnroe, Director, Florence Nightingale Museum (formerly Curator of the Galton Collection)

12:15 pm        Lunch

Moderator         Debbie Challis, Flinders Petrie Museum, UCL

1:30 pm          Identification by finger tips: Francis Galton and the development of         fingerprinting       Edward J. Higgs, University of Exeter

1:45 pm          Galton’s Saltationism in its Historical Context      Peter Bowler, Queen’s University Belfast

 2:30 pm          Afternoon Tea/Coffee

Moderator       Joe Cain

3:00 pm          Dominance Subverted: Mendelism through Galton’s eyes     Gregory Radick, Leeds University

4:15 pm          Victorian biographies and Karl Pearson on the Life, Letters and Labours    of Francis Galton       Eileen Magnello, Science and Technology Studies, UCL

5:00 pm         Closing Comments,  Mazin Zeki, Fellow, Galton Institute

5:15- 5:45       Panel Discussion