International Advisers

The BSHS is committed to remaining a global organisation, and we have recruited a panel of International Advisors (IAs) to strengthen our presence throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Their role includes commenting on our policies (especially with respect to external affairs), outlining ways in which we could firm up our links with other countries, exchanging ideas and information, and suggesting potential collaborative ventures.

The IAs are appointed on a two-year rolling basis. They are on the Council mailing list, and are encouraged to attend Council when possible. At present, we have eight, but we should very much like to recruit more, up to a maximum of sixteen. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to apply to join them.

Our current International Advisers are:

Ana Rosa Barahona Echeverria (Mexico)
Ruth Barton (New Zealand)
Alper Bilgili (Turkey)
Ondrej Dostal (Czech Republic)
John Mathew (India)
Jenny Rampling (USA)
Jonathan Simon (France)
Haiyan Yang (China)

International Advisers’ roles & responsibilities include:

  • Publicising BSHS activities and publications in their area;
  • Reciprocally informing Council of HPS activities in their area, including a short annual
  • Promoting membership in their area, including distribution of Viewpoint;
  • Investigating reciprocal membership of national societies in their countries;
  • Commenting on Society policies (especially with respect to external affairs);
  • Outlining ways in which we could develop our links with other countries;
  • Exchanging ideas and information;
  • Suggesting collaborative ventures, including, potentially, conferences, exchange schemes,
    and research projects.
  • Writing a ‘Perspective’ piece for the BJHS on the state of the discipline in their country

Benefits of being an International Adviser include:

  • Reduced or waived fees for annual conferences;
  • The right to propose to Council initiatives that promise to encourage history of science in their territory;
  • The right to attend Council meetings when in the UK;
  • Permission to use the phrase ‘BSHS International Advisor’ in their CV, etc;
  • Occasional, specifically internationally themed, communications from the President

General Principles of Appointment:

  • Wherever there are ten or more BSHS members in any country or region, Council will solicit
    appointment of an IA; individuals recommended by Council members will be approached.
    Individuals may also apply. All will be asked to submit a CV and proposed action plan;
  • Where there are fewer than ten members in a country, people may apply to the Vice President
    to become an IA on the basis of a CV and proposed action plan;
  • An international sub-committee of Council (President, Vice President and two others) will
    receive applications once per year and recommend specific appointments to Council;
  • The normal period of appointment will be three years, renewable once by mutual agreement;
  • There will not normally be more than 24 IAs;
  • Communication will be the responsibility of the Vice President working with the Executive
  • The Vice President will normally initiate the new cycle of appointments at the first Council
    meeting of the calendar year, and conclude it at the second;
  • As they are appointed rather than elected, IAs will not have any privileged access to Council
  • The IA scheme will be reviewed for effectiveness every five years, first in 2022. This will be
    the responsibility of the Vice President.