” To foster understanding of the history and social impact of science, technology and medicine in all their branches in the academic and the wider communities, and to provide a national focus for the discipline. “

Strategic Aims

The British Society for the History of Science aims:

  1. To be the generalist society of primary affiliation for all academics working in HSTM in these islands.
  2. To foster HSTM internationally
  3. To maintain BJHS as a leading learned journal in the discipline.
  4. To arrange a number of learned meetings in the discipline.
  5. To promote the discipline in higher education.
  6. To lobby the relevant agencies in support of the discipline, its resources and artefacts
  7. To promote awareness of HSTM in other areas of higher education (e.g. science faculties, general history departments)
  8. To promote awareness of, and encourage the teaching of, HSTM at all levels and in all areas of education.
  9. To foster understanding of the role of STM in the development of modern society.
  10. To increase the number of activities aimed at a variety of non-academic audiences.
  11. To encourage the exchange of ideas relating to HSTM between academic practitioners, teachers, scientists, government agencies and other relevant bodies.
  12. To raise the profile and increase the membership of BSHS on these islands and overseas.