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Dr Jenny Rampling (History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge)


Dr Lauren Kassell (History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge)
Mr Peter Jones (History and Philosophy of Science/King’s College, University of Cambridge)

Conference summary

Alchemists pursued many goals, from the transmutation of metals to the preservation of health and life. These pursuits were continually informed and modified by medical knowledge, while alchemical debates about nature, generation, and the achievability of perfection in turn impacted on medicine and natural philosophy. This three-day international conference will investigate these interactions, from alchemy’s development in late antiquity to its decline throughout the eighteenth century. It will ask how alchemical and medical ideas and practices changed over time, how they reflected the experience of individual readers and practitioners, and the extent to which they responded to significant currents in intellectual, political, and social life.

Keynote lecture by Bruce T. Moran (University of Nevada at Reno)

Speakers include:

Panel themes include: Elixirs and the prolongation of life; Medicine, alchemy and patronage; The eighteenth-century transmutation of chemical medicine; Books, recipes and secrets; Medical practitioners as alchemists; Shared materials, practices and technologies; The transmission of alchemical and medical knowledge; Histories of alchemy and medicine.

See the conference page at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities for further details.