An End to Nuclear Testing

///An End to Nuclear Testing

An End to Nuclear Testing

Smithsonian Institution Contemporary History Colloquium

Thursday, June 18, 5:30pm

The final session of this year’s Colloquium Series will take place on June

18 in the Director’s Conference Room of the National Air and Space Museum.

The speaker will be:

Hugh Gusterson

Professor, Cultural Studies

George Mason University

the topic

An End to Nuclear Testing

An end to nuclear testing was the long sought prize of anti-nuclear

activists and arms controllers. After the grassroots campaigns of the 1950s

and 1980s failed to achieve a test ban, U.S. testing finally ended in 1992.

The Test Ban Treaty was signed in 1996. This paper, based on

anthropological fieldwork at the Livermore and Los Alamos Laboratories, as

well as extensive interviews in Washington DC, tracks the strategies of the

coalition that succeeded in ending nuclear testing — a coalition that

encompassed Third World ambassadors, the international antinuclear movement,

arms controllers in the US Congress, dissident nuclear weapons designers,

the JASONs, and a highly unconventional Secretary of Energy. The paper also

explores the changing meaning of testing for weapons designers in the 1990s

and the strange disavowal of success by many activists at the very moment of

their final success.

Information: Allan Needell, 202.633.2412; [email protected]


COLLOQUIUM. On the day of the COLLOQUIUM, REPORT TO THE South Security Desk

at the 6th and Independence Ave. SW entrance to the Museum for a visitor’s

badge. The security officer will direct you to Elevator #3 and the

Conference Room. Those holding SI ID badges may precede directly to the DCR.

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