Art, Science and Communication For the forthcoming issue planned October 2008, the editors of invite essays and artwork with new approaches to the topics of art and history, aesthetics, bio-science and technology in music, literature, cinema, video art, photography, architecture, new media, painting, and other arts, as well as Social Sciences and Communication Sciences. Other possible essays or artworks might consider questions of aesthetics or genre, memory or the impact of critical art studies and scientific studies on practices in art today, as well as the role of theories or the public in interpreting arts.

You should submit your work accompanied by a short bio note and an abstract (50-100 words) to: [email protected]. Submissions will also be accepted via e-mail to [email protected]. Please mention the subject matter in your message and send the texts in Microsoft Word format. For more information about submissions please consult Guide for Authors (

Please direct any inquiries to: Irene Aparicio, Editor or Alexandre Figueiredo, Co-Editor – [email protected] or [email protected] ).