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BSHS #HiddenFiguresParty

Have you heard about the film Hidden Figures? It's a film about three African American women who worked as scientists for NASA on Project Mercury and Apollo 11, and it's creating quite the buzz both in #histsci #histSTM circles and beyond. In short, this isn't the average History of Science film. Based on the true story detailed in the book by [...]

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Winter 2016

BSHS President Dr Patrica Fara writes: Dear Colleagues This newsletter is being mailed out to coincide with a new and exciting venture that we were asked to keep secret until now… On November 17, New Scientist is celebrating its 60th birthday with a special feature on key inventions introduced since its foundation in 1956. These [...]

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Autumn 2016

BSHS President Dr Patrica Fara writes: Dear Colleagues For the last fortnight, I have had the great honour to be the President of the BSHS. When Greg Radick invited me to consider this position, I was delighted, flattered – and also deeply apprehensive about my ability even to approach the extraordinarily high standard he has [...]

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Summer 2016

BSHS President Professor Greg Radick writes: Hello!  And: Goodbye!  Yes, by this time next week, our Society will have voted in a new President. My two-year term has almost run its course. I was fortunate to begin at a moment when, thanks to the outsized success of the 2013 International HSTM Congress in Manchester and [...]

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The New BSHS Translations Series

Translation is the life-blood of scientific communication as well as historical research. Without translators — often uncredited, and many of them women — new scientific ideas would not have been able to travel around the world. Reflecting its commitment to international learning, the BSHS is delighted to support an exciting new series of scholarly on-line [...]

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Spring 2016

BSHS President Professor Greg Radick writes: “The travels and adventures of serendipity”: this lovely phrase entered the language ten years ago thanks to the sociologist of science Robert Merton, who used it as the title for an erudite book on the word “serendipity.”  But what makes the phrase so resonant is the way it evokes the [...]

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BJHS Preview: Issue 1, 2016

Editor Charlotte Sleigh writes: We begin 2016 with a joint Singer-award winner of 2014, Jenny Bulstrode.  ‘The industrial archaeology of deep time’, reveals how a Victorian paper-manufacturer helped to make sense of difficult-to-interpret prehistoric artefacts. To make a major contribution to the acceptance of the antiquity of man, he drew on his experiences of industrial [...]

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2016 Pickstone Prize Shortlist

Established to commemorate the historian of science Professor John Pickstone, the Pickstone Prize is awarded every two years to the best scholarly book in the history of science. The winning book will mark a major advance in the understanding and interpretation of the scientific past. We are delighted to announce that our shortlist is: Katja [...]

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Ayrton Prize Winner 2015

Following a vote by BSHS members we are delighted to announce that the winner of the inaugural Ayrton Prize is the British Library for their project Voices of Science. There was strong competition amongst an excellent field but you, the members, chose to recognise the important contribution which Voices of Science is making not only to the scholarly [...]

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Winter 2015

BSHS President Professor Greg Radick writes: There’s a chill in the air; the December BJHS arrives in the inbox; virtual snow falls gently on the BSHS website… Winter’s come to Britain, and with it the latest edition of this quarterly newsletter from the BSHS, which we hope finds you well (and warm). You named it, and [...]

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