>List members may be interested in a forthcoming BBC 2 TV programme called Genius of Invention (airs Thursday 24 January, 9pm, BBC2) which places a spotlight on British inventors and inventions. Of particular interest to anyone involved in industrial heritage and its social history is a feature on Richard Trevithick which was assisted by the Trevithick Society of Cornwall. Here is the announcement from the Society’s Chairman, Philip Hosken who recently wrote a revisionist biography of Richard Trevithick called The Oblivion of Trevithick (http://www.trevithick-society.org.uk/oblivion/).

“As advised last week, this week’s Radio Times includes a magazine about the ‘Genius of Invention’.  In it TV presenter Dr Michael Mosley says, ‘Everyone believes that James Watt was responsible for the modern steam engine, but he wasn’t. … basically it was dead-end technology.   Trevithick’s invention, however, would become the father of the steam train and the father of portable steam power. … He liberated power and, in doing so transformed the world.’

Following the concern voiced in many quarters over the decline of engineering skills in this country, the BBC is broadcasting a number of programmes in sound and vision that draw attention to the subject.   We can now advise that Michael Mosley’s programme on steam power, the first of four in a series on invention, will be broadcast on BBC2 on Thursday 24th January at 9.00 p.m.”

Please direct any questions or enquiries to the Chairman: [email protected]