Announcement of a Book Series, “American Business, Politics, and Society” The University of Pennsylvania Press announces a new series, “American Business, Politics, and Society.” The editors seek to publish books that explore the relationships over time between governmental institutions and the creation and performance of markets, firms, and industries large and small. The central theme of this series is that public policy–understood broadly to embrace not only lawmaking, but also the structuring of institutions–has been fundamental to the evolution of American business from the colonial era to the present. In keeping with the burgeoning scholarship in history and political science on the institutional dimensions of social change, we are especially interested in publishing books that explore developments that have durable consequences. Specific projects might focus on the internal dynamics of firms, the structuring of markets, or the social and cultural context in which business decisions are made. As yet another example, authors might explore relationships among public policies (including public funding) medical practice, hospitalization, pharmaceutical firms, and health care delivery. The editors are committed to fostering scholarship that is clearly written, jargon-free, lively in style, and accessible to educated readers. Please send inquiries to Robert Lockhart, Editor, University of Pennsylvania Press [email protected]