Message from BSHS Web:

“Following BSHS Annual Conference 2015 in Swansea, I have collated the tweets into a number of Storify entries for posterity. There are quite a lot of tweets, especially for the two full days of the conference. If you are looking for tweets from a specific session, I suggest you use the conference programme to navigate to the appropriate storify and time of day to read.

You all managed to trend the hashtag to the degree that spam began appearing in our feed – the very apex of social media achievements. Nevertheless, all organisers involved were very happy to see such enthusiastic tweeting, and hope that you all managed to engage and relate ideas across the sessions.

All the best,

Web Editor”

All tweets from the conference

2 July

3 July

4 July

5 July

Outtakes series

En route to #bshs15

#bshs15 in pictures

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