Call for papers: disease, possession and healing in south asia

CALL FOR CHAPTERS — EDITED BOOK: DISEASE, POSSESSION, AND HEALING IN SOUTH ASIA (provisional title). Publisher: Routledge Debates over South Asian indigenous understanding of disease as forms of affliction, originally emerging within the study of ‘alternative’ forms of medicine, have come to gain visibility in and around discussions of social and religious matters as well as the constitution of community and gendered identities. As such, the study of goddesses, gods and spirits as both cause and remedy of a variety of diseases (smallpox, cholera, malaria, syphilis, barrenness and, more recently, Kyasanur Forest Disease, drug addiction and HIV/AIDS) has marked a significant shift in an ethics/politics of responding to epidemics.

With the insurgence of new pandemics, the time is ripe for a consolidation and promotion of indigenous ways to understanding physical and mental imbalances through diverse conceptualisations of the divine. The book aims at: o analysing the epistemic force of categories such as ‘disease’, ‘healing’ and ‘possession’ as they are understood and ‘performed’ in South Asia; o critically addressing existing theoretical and methodological issues in the study of South Asian healing practices; o developing new pedagogical approaches to South Asian religions through the study of disease and healing practices.

The editor has been able to cover all major South Asian religions, except Judaism. Contributors interested to write a chapter on Judaism and disease, possession and healing practices in South Asia are encouraged to contact the editor. Chapters (which are expected to be 7000 words long) may address scriptural and oral traditions as well as ethnographies from all South Asian countries (Pakistan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Myanmar, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. Iran and Afghanistan will be also considered due to their cultural influence on the subcontinent).

At this early stage, contributors are invited to send an abstract (max 300 words), a provisional title and a short biographical note — including affiliation and contact details — to the editor. chapters will be submitted for revision by 31 July 2009. Dr Fabrizio M. Ferrari Lecturer in Religious Studies Department of Theology and Religious Studies University of Chester Parkgate Road Chester CH1 4BJ Tel 01244 511039 Fax 01244 392779

Email: [email protected]