CALL FOR PAPERS AND AHRC WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Disability and Chronic Illness Friday 30 January 2009 University of the West of England, Bristol

This one-day workshop will be the first event of a new Multidisciplinary Research Network on The Concepts of Health, Illness and Disease, funded by the AHRC. The network is managed by Dr Havi Carel (UWE) and Dr Rachel Cooper (Lancaster).

For more information on the network: Within the broader framework of the project, which examines the concepts of health, illness and disease, this workshop will focus on a specific type of ill health, chronic illness, and examine its links to disability. What specific issues arise in long-term illness and in disability? How is each concept used? How does disability differ from chronic illness? What special provision and unique considerations arise from chronic illness and disability?

Confirmed speakers: Dr Julie Anderson, Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester (history of medicine) Dr Gideon Calder, School of Health and Social Science, University of Wales, Newport (philosophy) Tessa Sanderson, Academic Rheumatology Unit / UWE (health and social care)

Call for papers: Papers which discuss the concepts of disability and/ or chronic illness from any discipline are invited. Each paper will be given 30 minutes for presentation and discussion. Please email a 500-word abstract to both Dr Havi Carel ([email protected]) and Dr Rachel Cooper ([email protected]) by 28 December 2008.

To register: Please email Dr Havi Carel ([email protected]) to reserve a place for this workshop (there is no registration fee).

Although we are unable to reimburse travel expenses of those attending, attendance is free and refreshments will be provided.