Call for Papers—Fifth Laboratory History Conference

The Johns Hopkins University is pleased to host the Fifth Laboratory History Conference, June 4-5, 2009 in Baltimore, MD USA. In addition to papers on modern scientific laboratories, we welcome papers that address such topics as the early modern laboratory; the laboratory in the colonial and developing world; field stations, observatories, research vessels and other non-traditional laboratories; testing, measuring and quality control laboratories; biomedical laboratories and clinics; and virtual laboratories. We are also interested in papers that discuss strategies for documenting the laboratory, such as oral histories, archives, photography, and ‘born digital’ records. The conference will include a plenary talk and dinner, and tours of the Space Telescope Science Institute and the Carnegie Institution’s Embryology Laboratory. Our style is informal, 25 minute presentations followed by commentary and discussion.

Travel money is available for graduate students, $300 for travel within the US and Canada, $500 for travel from outside the US and Canada. Some housing will be available on campus.

For further information or to submit a proposal, please contact:

Stuart W. Leslie, Department of the History of Science, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 21286 [email protected] by November 1, 2008.