The Journal of the History of Sexuality is soliciting articles for a special issue on sexual labors throughout the world, under diverse economic and state systems, and in all historical periods. This special issue, guest edited by Eileen Boris, Stephanie Gilmore, and Rhacel Parrenas, will appear in late 2008. The guest editors seek manuscripts on all types of sexual labor — paid and unpaid as well as legalized and criminalized forms — with the understanding that what constitutes “sex” and “work” varies from culture to culture across time and space. The editors encourage analytically and historically grounded submissions that deal with sexual labor within the family or household; as part of public entertainment or space; rights of sex workers as laborers; relations of power and authority vis-a-vis sexual labor; globalization and sexual labor; representations and subjectivities of sexual labor; the relationship between sex and work; and the politics of sex work historically (including reform, regulation, and abolition). They are also interested in the difference that age, race, gender, sexuality, and citizenship status make in sexual labors and the discourses around them. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2008. The editors will review manuscripts and have decisions regarding publication by 15 June 2008. Please submit your manuscript via email (preferred) to Stephanie Gilmore at [email protected] or via postal mail to Stephanie Gilmore Department of History Trinity College 300 Summit Street Hartford, CT 06106