The Cambridge Science Festival is just around the corner! This year, we have over 180 mostly free events running throughout Cambridge from 12 – 25 March. The 2012 Festival celebrates the boundaries that are being broken in science at events from racing mini rockets using lasers to learning about how the BBC’s hit series Frozen Planet was produced, there is something for everyone to come and see.

There is a great talk that we feel you and your members might be interested in which is taking place at the Guildhall, Cambirdge on Saturday the 17th of March at the Fisher Building 2pm-3pm called ‘Butler among the machine: evolutionary literature and science in Europe, 1859-1902’.

At this talk Dr Elinor Shaffer, co-editor of the third of the three-volume The reception of Charles Darwin in Europe, discusses how European responses to Darwin have shed light on the works of Samuel Butler who wrote an appreciative early review of Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species’ entitled ‘Darwin Among the Machines’, before writing the early dystopian science fiction novel Erewhon and a major Victorian novel of education, ‘The Way of All Flesh’. He also published four of his own books on evolution.

There will also be a talk straight after this at the same building from 3.30pm – 4.30pm called ‘Falling foul of natural selection: Samuel Butler and the Darwins’. Here Alison Pearn, Associate Director of the Darwin Correspondence Project, looks at the letters exchanged by Charles Darwin and Samuel Butler, and charts the disintegration of their relationship from a shared spirit of intellectual enquiry to a state of conflict.

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