Catching Lightning in a Bottle: Documenting Science, Technology & Innovation Through Oral History, a conference sponsored by OHMAR (Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 & Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives, 1201 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC

Deadline for Submissions: January 8, 2010. The OHMAR Spring Conference 2010 will offer scholars, students, and other practitioners, using oral history to document the sciences, technology-related fields, and other forms of innovation, an opportunity to exhibit their work in a regional forum and to network with colleagues in associated domains. This two-day conference will carry on OHMAR’s tradition of showcasing the work of oral historians in various topic areas, such as last year’s conference on “Exploring War and Conflict Through Oral History” held at the Library of Congress, and the Spring 2008 conference on “Oral History and Performance” held at Columbia University. The scope of the conference will cover all aspects of science, technology and innovation being documented through oral history, including:

* The history of science & technology

* The development of medical practices and technologies

* Industrial history

* Contributions of women and minorities in science & technology

* Military and battlefield applications of science and technology

* The birth and growth of the environmental movement

* The development and adaptation of new technologies to the practice oral history

* Innovation in non-scientific/technological fields

The emphasis will be on how oral history is being utilized to capture information lacking in other forms of documentation, such as the thoughts and inspirations surrounding the “Eureka” moment in a scientist’s research or the struggles endured by different population groups as they endeavored to establish themselves in fields previously closed to them.

Please review the Call for Papers, available at, for more information on submitting paper and/or panel proposals. Further information on the conference and registration will be made available though the OHMAR website as it becomes available.