Presidential Message

/Presidential Message

Autumn 2015

BSHS President Professor Greg Radick writes: I hope this newsletter finds you all well and thriving. "You," it's worth noting, are a highly international bunch: well over half of our current membership resides outside of Britain. Accordingly, the fostering of international exchange, collaboration and a global scholarly outlook is high up on the Society's agenda. Over [...]

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Summer 2015

BSHS President Professor Greg Radick writes: What should the BSHS call its new prize for outstanding work in digital history of science? The decision is up to you, our membership.  Below you'll find information on how to vote for one of three names in the running.  Voting opens now, and will close at noon on Friday [...]

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A guest message from the BJHS Editor

Dr Charlotte Sleigh writes: With the 350th anniversary of the Philosophical Transactions upon us, many of us have been reflecting on the role of publishing in the history of science.  As Adrian Johns pointed out in a 2000 BJHS article, the establishment of the scholarly journal is one of rather few momentous historical events to [...]

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January 2015

BSHS President Professor Greg Radick writes: John Pickstone was a great connection-maker: ideas with ideas; ideas with people; people with people.  "Getting Pickstoned" was how the speakers at his retirement workshop in Manchester in May 2012 referred to that moment when, in his quiet but insistent and escalatingly persuasive (as well as, often, scabrously amusing) way, [...]

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Autumn 2014

BSHS President Professor Greg Radick writes: Hello!  I'm delighted to be able to send this first message at a moment when the BSHS is thriving on so many fronts. The 2014 conference in St Andrews in early July saw the largest number of delegates we've ever had, along with the usual range of excellent papers, extracurricular [...]

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May 2014

President Hasok Chang writes: The highlight of our year, the BSHS annual conference is fast approaching, 3–6 July in St Andrews. Registration for the conference is open (, and you still have time to take advantage of the early registration fee until June 1st. We have a rich and varied programme, with panels on everything from [...]

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January 2014

President Hasok Chang writes: Happy 2014! And welcome to the first issue of the electronic BSHS Newsletter, a new initiative by the officers of the Society to communicate better and more frequently with our members. The BSHS enters the new year in the happy afterglow of the great success of the 24th International Congress of [...]

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March 2013 update

President Hasok Chang writes: As we head into spring, our collective mind is focused on the forthcoming International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine to be held in Manchester on 21–28 July, for which the BSHS is the hosting organisation. It promises to be a very large and exciting event, with around 1,800 [...]

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December 2011 Update

President Sally Horrocks writes: As we look forward to the new year the BSHS can look back on a successful 2011.  For many of you the Annual Conference in Exeter will have been the highlight, but plenty more has been happening elsewhere. The major result of all this effort has been the launch of the [...]

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May 2011 Update

BSHS President Sally Horrocks writes... From conferences to theatrical performances, from a travel guide to museum and book prizes, the BSHS has been busy as ever during the last few months supporting and promoting the history of science. 2010 saw the first ever BSHS Great Exhibitions competition. 12 entries of extremely high quality were submitted [...]

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