BJHS Preview: Issue 4, 2016

Guest Editor James Stark writes Who owns medicine? This is the provocative and far-reaching question which has stimulated the latest issue of the BJHS on the theme “Owning Health”. There are many different kinds of ownership, but the papers are concerned principally with patenting, perhaps the most recognisable way of protecting and profiting from an [...]

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Interview With Dr. Patricia Fara

Starting this month, New Scientist magazine will be running regular history of science features, and the BSHS’s own Dr. Patricia Fara has written the first one! You can read her article on Émilie du Châtelet, a remarkable figure in the History of Science who has too often been overshadowed by those studying Voltaire, Newton, or even Locke. Patricia sat [...]

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Darwin Day: Celebrating Without Deifying

By Alexander Hall, Newman University This post originally appeared on the Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum website Today, Friday February 12th 2016, is the 207th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Celebrated around the world as ‘Darwin Day’, events across 6 continents from Tel-Aviv to Tokyo will commemorate the English naturalist’s work, explore his legacy, [...]