Julie Matheson

NameJulie MathesonRegistration TypePart TimeDegreePhDStatusOngoingStart Year2002 (All day)Thesis TitleCommon Ground: horticulture and the cultivation of open spaces in the East End of London 1840-1900.SupervisorDr DC Brunton & Dr DH LoftusDepartmentArts Faculty

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Carla Hermges

NameCarla HermgesRegistration TypeFull TimeDegreePhDStatusOngoingStart Year2008 (All day)Thesis TitleHistory of Elective Caesarean Section in Britain and GermanySupervisorDr. L. SauerteigDepartmentThe Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease, Wolfson Research Institute

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Anna Greenwood

NameAnna GreenwoodRegistration TypeFull TimeDegreePhDStatusongoingStart Year2000Thesis TitleThe British colonial medical service in East Africa (Kenya, Tanania and Uganda): administrative provision in practice, 1900-50SupervisorAnne Hardy and William F BynumDepartmentWellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine: Anatomy and Developmental Biology

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