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Viewpoint 100

Measurement and metrication Inspired by this significant milestone, #100 tackles the topics of how and why we measure the natural world. Sally Riordan’s feature article, ‘Perfect ten’, discusses the creation of the kilogramme (1-2). Hasok Chang questions whether water actually boils at 100 degrees (4). James Poskett is in Edinburgh, researching phrenology at the National [...]

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Viewpoint 99

50 years of the BJHS Issue #99 is dedicated to our sister publication, the British Journal for the History of Science, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012. Current scholars reflect on the original issue’s contents: ranging over time periods, disciplines, places and people, the five articles provide a fascinating historiographic time capsule (2-5). Former BJHS [...]

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Viewpoint 98

International #98 looks forward to the 2013 International Congress, by exploring global histories of science, history of science around the globe, and even historical globes themselves. The Earth Under Surveillance team outline their collaborative research project in a feature article on the Cold War, geosciences, and environmentalism (1-3). Walter Gam Nkwi gives a fascinating insight [...]

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Viewpoint 97

Communities #97 sees the first issue of the newly-rebranded BSHS magazine, confirming Viewpoint’s new status as more than a newsletter. The feature article asks ‘who makes up the history of science community?’ as Aileen Fyfe and Emily Crouch discuss the findings of a 2011 survey into the subject (1-3).  (Including both verbal and visual responses… [...]

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Viewpoint 96

Animals All creatures great and small – from polyp to tiger – find their way into issue #96. Christopher Plumb’s feature article explores the animal economy of Georgian London (1-3). Sadiah Qureshi introduces Tipu’s Tiger in the ‘Object of the Issue’, a musical man-mauling machine (5). Elizabeth Bruton provides a brief history of carrier pigeons [...]

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Viewpoint 95

Heritage and memory Questions of scientific heritage and memory underpin issue #95, which discusses how we remember, record, narrate and display the history of science. The feature article comes from the Oral History of British Science team at the British Library, as Tom Lean details the ongoing project to record the life stories of scientists, [...]

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Viewpoint 94

Food and drink Issue #94 quenched the thirst for a history of the science of food and drink, with a smorgasbord of delectable articles on historic cookery, drunken time-travel, and industrial research and manufacturing. Sally Horrocks analyses industrial food research in the early 20th century in her feature on ‘The Chemistry of Chocolate’ (1-3), focusing [...]

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Viewpoint 93

350 years of the Royal Society Commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society in 2010, #93 includes a feature article from Alexander Wragge-Morley (1-3) on one early FRS, Thomas Willis, and how he made the brain visible. Jeff Hughes tells of plans for the South Bank Science Centre that never was (6), in one [...]

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Viewpoint 92

Place The first of Viewpoint’s themed issues, #92 traces the relationships between geography and the history of science, travelling in its pages to Cornish cliff-tops and Amazon rainforests, on transatlantic airships and under Parisian streets. Simon Naylor’s feature article (1-3) reveals how he has researched the history of science in Cornwall, and emphasises the importance [...]

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