The 7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, 22–24 September, 2016. The Conference is organized by the Society for the History of Sciences and Technology of the Czech Republic.

The theme of the Conference is “Science and power, Science as power”:

“In recent decades, the themes of the relationship between science and power, and of science as power, have emerged as important topics, likely to shed interesting light on many aspects of both science and power. The nature of scientific knowledge and the practice of scientific activities have undergone significant changes throughout history. Similarly, the nature of power and its structures, taken broadly, also testify substantial transformations. How were these historical processes related to each other? What types of relationship can we identify between these two ranges of phenomena in different historical contexts, and how has science as power varied accordingly? By inviting historians of science working on different time periods and on different parts of the planet to concentrate on these issues, the conference aims to create the possibility of a first synthesis on these issues.”

For further information, please see the conference website.
Note: Abstracts and presentations should be in English.


November 30, 2015 Deadline for the symposia submission
(by this date have to be submitted also all abstracts which belongs to the symposia)
January 31, 2016 Deadline for symposia acceptance notification

Stand-alone papers

February 29, 2016 Deadline for stand-alone papers submission
April 30, 2016 Deadline for stand-alone papers acceptance notification