Call for Papers

History of Psychiatry: Special Issue on Emil Kraepelin’s 20th Century Legacy.

Eric J. Engstrom and Matthias Weber, Guest editors

The journal History of Psychiatry plans to publish a special issue on the legacy and reception of Emil Kraepelin’s work. Although Kraepelin decidedly shaped 20th century psychiatry, his legacy has rarely been the subject of rigorous historical scholarship. Most accounts barely move beyond commemorative platitudes, ideological genuflections, and personal reminiscences. The special issue is designed to change this. It will provide a forum for critical inquiry into Kraepelin’s influence on 20th century psychiatric theory and practice. It will be asking among other things: Who appropriated Kraepelin’s work and why? How was that work disseminated and translated into practice across different psychiatric cultures and geographic domains? And where Kraepelin’s legacy fits within the biopolitical parameters of contemporary psychiatric discourse?

We are looking for contributions from an historical perspective that concern: — the influence of Kraepelin’s ideas and nosology on 20th century psychiatric thought and practice; — the reception of his work in Europe, Asia, or the Americas; — the uses to which his name has been put by both advocates and detractors alike; — the rise of Neokraepelinian psychiatry and the development of DSM.

Please send proposals for contributions (including a working title and 300 word abstract) to Eric J. Engstrom at [email protected] by 30 September 2005. The deadline for submission of full manuscripts will be 1 April 2006. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed.