interdisciplinary xkcd comic

interdisciplinary xkcd comic

Interdisciplinary courses are an essential and valuable component of many degree programmes. They also present particular challenges: lecturers have often been trained within established disciplines, students may have had little prior experience of interdisciplinary approaches, and convenors of team-taught courses may have to take into account the requirements and preferences of several individuals, disciplines, and departments. This workshop provides those involved in interdisciplinary teaching with an opportunity to reflect on their own teaching practice, to share best practice with other teachers, and to develop their professional expertise in teaching.

Participants will present courses (course content, format, and particular issues related to interdisciplinarity) in c.20 mins, followed by c.20 mins of discussion. There will be ample time for formal and informal discussion of topics of common interest. University teachers of any status, experience or home discipline may present courses taught at any level (BA, MA, doctoral training) and taught in any language. The workshop will be held in English.

If you are interested in participating, please write to [email protected] with (i) a very brief outline of the course you would like to present, (ii) an issue related to interdisciplinary teaching which you would like to discuss, (iii) brief details of your teaching experience (approx. 250 words in total). The deadline for proposals is 2 February 2014, with decisions made soon thereafter.

We expect to be able to fund board and accommodation in Berlin for presenters (team-taught courses can be presented by two people). We may be able to offer support with travel expenses. Please enquire about childcare arrangements if relevant.

See for full details and to apply.