Call for papers for an edited volume temporarily entitled: The Corpse of Evidence. Cadavers and proofs in early modern European forensic medicine.

We invite scholars to submit abstracts for a proposed volume on the history of early modern European forensic medicine. At the center of the volume is the cadaver, observed, dissected and manipulated to provide answers to the questions of doctors, lawyers, theologians. How did the practices of interrogation of the dead body evolve in the different European countries and how did the concept of proof change? Proposals are encouraged which, while based on specific case studies, can provide ample stimulus for reflection and allow for comparisons between countries with different cultural, and particularly scientific, traditions. We welcome submissions on the following subjects:

  • Medical-legal Literature
  • Dissection practices and narratives
  • Resistance to dissection
  • Postmortem phenomena
  • The corpse in the history of mentalités
  • Comparative analyses between the various European legal systems
  • Comparisons of doctors, lawyers and theologians
  • Pathological anatomy and teratology
  • Processes of beatification and sanctification in the Catholic Church

Those interested should submit a 300 word abstract describing the essay they propose to write. Authors should include a short cv, affiliation and contact information with their abstracts, which should be sent electronically to Dr. Francesco Paolo de Ceglia: [email protected]

The deadline for submission is November 1, 2013.