Choose a Life, Choose Your Life, Choose Life? Bioethical Issues at the Beginning, Middle and End of Life

Location: St Anne’s College, Oxford, United Kingdom Date: 2006-06-02

An interdisciplinary symposium presented by the Oxford Forum for Medical Humanities, which aims to promote discussion of legal and ethical issues in medicine between the disciplines of medicine, history, law, theology and philosophy.

Medical advances such as IVF (in-vitro fertilisation), genetic testing, therapeutic cloning and medical interventions, which now can extend our life longer then ever before, have profoundly altered the choices we may make about the medical treatment of our bodies. While the bioethical issues these developments raise have been widely considered within a range of disciplines, there are benefits to be had from drawing together the perspectives of different disciplines.

This meeting aims to facilitate this kind of multi-disciplinary approach to examining the ethical issues raised by choices about life, during life. It seeks to bring together theologians, philosophers, lawyers, historians, anthropologists and clinicians to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion under the broad heading of ‘medical humanities’. In doing so, this meeting aims to promote a more holistic approach to considering these ethical concerns.

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