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Weather and climate services in contemporary and historical perspectives

Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) The University of Manchester Simon Building Room 2.57 (CHSTM Seminar Room) Thursday 21 – Friday 22 November 2013 An event organised by Vladimir Jankovic (CHSTM) and Samuel Randalls (UCL) Sponsored by the International Commission on the History of Meteorology

Applied and commercial meteorology are more than simply weather and climate forecasting services. Air pollution modeling, building climatology, transport, urban planning, security issues and market consultancy go beyond the application of meteorology to practical problems. Meteorology and climatology can also be bound up in economic, health, ideological, and geopolitical concerns, sometimes acting as a tool for those empowered to promote public policy interventions, secure geostrategic position or enhance economic growth. This two-day workshop is intended to bring to light some of these issues and stimulate discussion about the past and present climate services and institutional politics of applied atmospheric sciences, especially (but not exclusively) related to the concerns over anthropogenic climate change. The intention is to use the experience of both academics and professionals to explore, identify and reflect on the current and past developments of the applied, service and commercial climatology and consider the extent to which these knowledges have enabled organizations and governments to manage weather and climate risks.

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