BSHS Annual Conference 2006

University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

7 – 9 July 2006

BSHS 2006 saw the Annual Conference move south to the picturesque surroundings of University of Kent, which played host to around 100 delegates and eighteen speaker sessions over three days. Highlights included innovative activities organised by the BSHS Outreach and Education Committee. ‘Futures Past’ opened a long-term project using the themes of science and creativity to reach a popular audience, while a hands-on demonstration of practical work from the secondary-school level ‘Bone Trail’ project also provided the Society with its first speaker session ever to be hosted in the a character of a nineteenth-century fossilist from Lyme Regis.

About the meeting


Programme Committee: Chris Chilvers (chair), Emm Barnes, Janet Browne, Geoff Bunn, Gowan Dawson, Sarah Dry, Fern Elsdon-Baker

Local Organiser: Crosbie Smith

Administrative Assistance and Presenter Support: Tal Bolton, Philip Crane (Executive Secretary), Mike Brown, Trish Hatton, Karen Jones, Anne Scott, Charlotte Sleigh, John Wills

Miss Mary Anning portrayed by: Melanie Keene