Staff and students at the post-lecture reception at the University of Leeds

Staff and students at the reception for the BSHS-sponsored lecture by Ian Hacking on “Making up Autism” on 13 May 2013 at University of Leeds

The BSHS is always looking for opportunities to start dialogues that involve the history of science. We organize conferences, workshops, seminars and outreach events for audiences ranging from schoolchildren to adults, and we are developing lots of new ideas for events in the history of science.

Enquiries about support for academic events (conferences, workshops etc) should go to the Conference Committee and enquiries about support for outreach activities should go to the Outreach and Education Committee.

Do you have an idea that you think would be useful as a BSHS event?

Let us know. Contact the Conferences Committee ([email protected]) or Outreach Chair ([email protected]), who will be happy to discuss your proposal and how to develop it. The information below relates to conference organization.

Are you trying to organize a conference and would like the BSHS to help organize it with you, or provide some support?

We can offer different forms of support depending on what you or your organization/institution need.

1. BSHS-organized event.

These are events that the BSHS is willing to take care of all the administration, programme, publicity and budget.

2. Joint event

These events are organized by the BSHS with one or more partners who share the organization, budget, publicity and programme arrangements to reach the widest possible audience.

To help with planning and to adhere to our legal responsibilities, we ask to be involved with the planning and decision-making, to see the proposed budget and to be represented on publicity.

3. Financial Sponsorship

If you want a financial contribution to your event or have already begun to organize the event, the BSHS can help with support that can be used in a flexible way in helping to finance the event.

All we ask is that the BSHS is recognized as a contributing sponsor in literature associated with the event. We typically offer financial support of between £50 and £300 for events.

For information about how to apply for conference support click here.  There are three application deadlines each year: 15 August, 15 December and 15 April.

At least one of the named organisers on the application must have been a member of the Society for at least twelve months at the time of application.

For guidance to successful applicants, including information about publicity, reporting and how to claim your conference grant after the event, click here.

4. Technical (in-kind) sponsorship

Non-financial support that helps with publicity, administration or programme advice for the event.

All we ask is that the BSHS support is recognized in literature associated with the event.

If you would like to seek one of these forms of support or have an idea that you think we will be interested in, please contact the Outreach Chair ([email protected]) for events related to public dialogue, outreach and education, or the Conferences Committee ([email protected]) for events related to conferences, workshops, seminars, or symposia.