Announcement of a symposium with the topic: “Cultural Heritage: Astronomical Observatories (around 1900) – From Classical Astronomy to Modern Astrophysics”, 14-17 Oct 2008 in Hamburg, organised by Gudrun Wolfschmidt. All the requisite information on the programme can be found at Booklet of Abstracts:

Contact: Prof. Dr. Gudrun Wolfschmidt Tel.: 040-42383-5262 Email: [email protected]

The symposium is a Cooperation: * ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) * Behörde für Kultur, Sport und Medien (Office for cultural affairs) * Hamburg University * Institute for History of Science and Technology * Denkmalschutzamt (monument protection office)

The following topics are discussed: * History of the observatories around 1900 * Architecture (monument protection?) * Instruments and their makers * Important astronomers or instrument makers * Importance in the scientific community in respect to astronomical research (transfer from classical astronomy to modern astrophysics) * Importance of the observatory in respect to history of science and technology (importance for navigation, time keeping, surveying, …) * Handling of the heritage – monument protection (condition of the buildings and instruments, restoration, future plans) * Handling of other kind of heritage

The Hamburg Observatory was built at its present location in Hamburg-Bergedorf between 1906 and 1912. The buildings mirror the architecture of that time, and the instruments form an important historical record of astronomical research. The whole ensemble was put under monument protection in 1996 due to its significance in cultural history. In 2008 is was put in the national list of monumetns.