Vacancy reference: NHM/CD/SN

Location: South Kensington

Employment type: Permanent

Area of business: Entomology

Closing date: 21/01/2013

Role description:

The Department of Life Sciences is seeking to recruit a curator to care for and curate a major part of the Museum’s collections of Diptera. You will undertake collections activities including databasing, curation and conservation of historical and newly acquired materials, preparation of loans, digital photography as required and the supervision of visitors to the collections

The successful candidate will have a high standard of knowledge and experience of institutional insect collections and mounting Diptera specimens and will be confident in identifying flies to at least family level. You will have a demonstrable understanding of Diptera and the history of Natural Museum Collections, the ability to handle dry insect specimens, familiarity with the rules of zoological nomenclature and an understanding the different types of specimens

A degree (or equivalent) in a biological science, post graduate or other qualification in Museum Studies or Insect Taxanomy (or equivalent experience) are also essential for this post

Salary: £27,612 per annum plus benefits

Contract: Permanent

Knowledge, skills and experience:

  • Degree in a Biological Science (or equivalent relevant experience)
  • Post-graduate or other qualification in Museum Studies or insect taxonomy (or equivalent experience)
  • Experience of working with institutional insect collection
  • Experience of preparing/mounting Diptera specimens
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Diptera: the ability to identify flies to at least family level
  • Demonstrable understanding of the history of Natural History Collections
  • Proven ability at Scientific Outreach (spoken or written online
  • Experience of managing and supporting the work of volunteers
  • Can demonstrate, through experience, the ability to handle dry insect specimens in the correct manner and can recognise and understand how to deal with agents of deterioration
  • Has a demonstrable understanding of the kinds of users of a major insect collection, and their expected needs and requirements
  • Understanding of digital photography and specimen digitisation
  • Familiar with the rules of zoological nomenclature, understands the concept of, and different kinds of, type specimens

See NHM Current Vacancies for further details.