In 2009 Charles Darwin will be celebrated around the world for his 200th birthday 12 February and the 150th anniversary for the publication of On the Origin of Species. Already preparations are in full swing at schools, universities, museums, production companies and publishing houses. The internet is buzzing with excitement and antievolutionists are preparing for a counter strike. But where does that leave historians of science? What is our role? What can we do? How do we contribute to the Darwin anniversaries? Is this time for reflection or time for action? You decide! Come to Aarhus in February 2008 and let us talk about it — seriously.

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CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: Peter Bowler (Queen’s University, Belfast) Marwa Elshakry (Harvard University) Eve-Marie Enges (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen) Thomas Glick (Boston University) Alison Pearn (Darwin Correspondence Project) John van Wyhe (University of Cambridge)


We invite proposals for papers on the many different receptions, uses and abuses of Darwin and evolution in the almost 150 years since the publication of On the Origin of Species in an effort to explore what we as historians are saying about Darwin today. We would like each speaker to have in mind a critical look at our profession, at what we are doing, for whom we are doing it and why.


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