Department Name Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Institution Name University of Cambridge

Departmental Information

Department Profile The Department of History and Philosophy of Science offers research supervision over a wide range of topics – from ancient, medieval and renaissance science to the twentieth century. MPhil and PhD research is facilitated by outstanding libraries, numerous seminars and reading groups, and a lively international community of staff, students and visiting scholars. The Whipple Museum – one of the UK’s most important collections of scientific instruments – provides students with opportunities for working with the material culture of science.
Faculty Teaching Staff John Forrester(Head of Department); Nick Hopwood; Nick Jardine; Lauren Kassell; Martin Kusch; Tim Lewens; Eleanor Robson; Simon Schaffer; Jim Secord; Liba Taub; Dr Sorin Bangu; Dr Richard Barnett; Dr Alex Broadbent; Dr Kevin Brosnan; Dr Vanessa Heggie; Mr Nicky Reeves;
Research Staff Dr Elma Brenner; Dr Philippe Clancier; Dr Andrew Cunningham; Dr Graham Cunningham; Dr Hilary Powell; Dr Torben Rees; Dr Laurence Totelin;
Areas of Expertise History and philosophy of psychoanalysis and human sciences; History of modern medicine and biology; Early-modern cosmology; historiography of the sciences; history of natural history; History of early modern medicine and the occult sciences; science and technology studies; Philosophy of biology; philosophical bioethics; Science in the ancient and pre-modern Middle East; history of mathematics; History of physical science; social history of science; Social history of science; life and earth sciences; History of scientific instruments, early science and astronomy;
Special Resources Whipple Museum of the History of Science: a world-class collection of scientific instruments and models; Whipple Library: extensive holdings in all areas of the history, philosophy and sociology of science, technology and medicine; Cambridge University Library (copyright library): includes archives for Maxwell, Newton, Kelvin, Darwin and Rutherford

Course & Degrees

Undergraduate Courses History of Natural Philosophy; History of Science and Medicine; Cross-Cultural Reflections; Induction, Causation, Explanation and Laws; Methodology: Popper, Kuhn and Confirmation; The Sociology of Scientific Knowledge; Philosophy of Biology; Philosophy of Physics; Philosophy of Mathematics; Ethics in Science; Medicine from Antiquity to the Enlightenment; Modern Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; History and Ethics of Medicine;
Undergraduate Units Part IB course in History and Philosophy of Science; Part II course in History and Philosophy of Science; Part II course in History and Philosophy of Science in Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Part III course in History and Philosophy of Science;Taught
Postgraduate Courses MPhil studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Research Degrees PhD studies in History and Philosophy of Science

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