Department Name Department of History of Science Technology and Medicine
Institution Name Open University

Departmental Information

Department Profile Founded in 1969 as a unique distance-teaching organisation, the Open University is dedicated to the production of innovative undergraduate courses in the history of science and technology. Degrees are pursued mainly at home in the student’s own time and are built up on a modular system. Courses concentrate on broad themes and geographically extended areas, stretching to the fullest the consideration of those vast terms ‘science’ and ‘technology’ and maintaining the integrity of historical discipline. The department draws on long experience of distance-teaching methods and media presentations.
Faculty Teaching Staff Dr Mackie; Dr Roberts; Dr De Renzi; Deborah Brunton; Dr Colin Chant; Dr Peter Elmer; Professor James Moore; Dr Malcolm Oster;
Research Staff Dr Gerrylynn K Roberts(research fellow); Prof Emeritus Colin Russell(visiting research proffessor)
Areas of Expertise History of Chemistry; History of early modern medicine; social history and historiography of technology; Witchcraft, medicine and natural magic in the early modern period; Social history of natural theology and scientific naturalism, especially in the nineteenth century; Robert Boyle which currently involves research on his published and unpublished work on magnetism and the subterranean world, as well as his broader defence of the mechanical philosophy which characterised the new science;

Course & Degrees

Undergraduate Courses A218 Medicine and Society in Europe 1500-1930; AT308 Cities and technology: from Babylon to Singapore; AA100 The arts past and present(Interdisciplinary courses which contain a history of science component); A207 From Enlightenment to Romanticism c. 1780-1830 (Interdisciplinary courses which contain a history of science component); A200 Exploring History: Medieval to Modern 1400-1900;
Research Degrees MPhil; MRes; PhD

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