Department Name Department of Philosophy
Institution Name Durham University

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Department Profile The University of Durham offers degrees on a wide variety of topics relevant to the history and philosophy of science and medicine. Though the Department of Philosophy is the main focus of research in this area, students also benefit from specialists located in the Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease (CHMD) and School for Health. The programme is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of historical, cultural and philosophical issues in science and medicine from Antiquity up to the present day. Using a unique variety of methods (ranging from sociological to analytical) its primary aim is to show how the intellectual vibrancy of the humanities is relevant to a deeper understanding of past and present scientific and medical issues. The University of Durham is England’s third oldest university. A leading British research institution, its lecture halls and colleges are located in the historical district of Durham City, a world heritage site that also includes a Romanesque Cathedral and a Norman Castle. The university has state of the art facilities located in and around the city. There is also the newly built Wolfson Research Institute on the waterfront of Queen’s Campus at Stockton-on-Tees. The Department of Philosophy, the main site where students take most of their modules, is located in an attractive eighteenth-century building in the centre of Durham, close to lecture rooms, the university library and computer labs.
Faculty Teaching Staff Dr MD Eddy; Dr SC Gibb; Dr RF Hendry; Dr J Westerhoff; Professor DE Cooper; Professor David M. Knight;
Research Staff Sebastian Pranghofer; Professor Holger Maehle; Mr Sebastian Pranghofer;
Areas of Expertise History and Philosophy of the Physical Sciences; History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences; Philosophy of the Social Sciences; History of Medicine and Public Health; Medical Ethics and Bioethics; History and Philosophy of Environmental Thought; History and Philosophy of Sex and Gender; History and Philosophy of the Body; Science and Religion; Philosophy of Mind; Metaphysics and Science; History and Philosophy of Psychology; History and bibliography of science between about 1600 and 1900; History of popular science; Nineteenth-century chemistry, including biography of Humphry Davy; Science & spirituality in the 19th century;
Special Resources Durham’s long tradition of research in the history and philosophy of science and medicine is reflected in the range of resources available. It has an extensive modern research library comprising a full range of books, journals and electronic resources. Its Special Collections Department in Palace Green Library houses a wide variety of rare books associated with science, philosophy and medicine. Many of these texts are first editions. Additionally, there are number of specific collections of note: The Dean and Chapter Library of Durham Cathedral houses archival and material collections (monuments, diaries, letters, reports and memoirs) from Roman times all the way up to the nineteenth century that cover a wide range of topics relevant to medicine, natural history and natural philosophy; The Kellett Collection of European Medicine texts (particularly on anatomy in France and Italy) from classical times, the Middle Ages and the 16th and 17th centuries; The Sudan Collection with manuscripts, cinefilms, maps and material objects relating to science and medicine during British colonial rule, 1898-1955; The Historical Science Collection ranges from incunabula to works from the 20th century. It is a large, open-ended collection that continues to be augmented by the university and private bequests; Other extensive resources are also readily accessible in city and university libraries in Newcastle, including the Pybus Collection of medical books, letters and engravings and the extensive scientific and technological collections housed in the Tyne and Wear Museums.

Course & Degrees

Undergraduate Courses Intro to the History and Philosophy of Science; History of Science and Religion; History and Philosophy of Psychiatry; Philosophy of Science; Philosophical Issues in Contemporary Science; History of Science; Science & Religion;
Undergraduate Units BA in Philosophy and Theology;Taught
Postgraduate Courses Graduate Diploma in philosophy; Taught MA in Philosophy; Taught MA in the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine; With subject such as Research Methods in the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine; Science and the Enlightenment; Philosophical Issues in Science and Medicine;
Research Degrees MPhil; PhD

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