This is just a reminder that the London seminar in the History of Science and Early Modern Philosophy, EMPHASIS, is drawing to the end of its fourth year.

The last three papers this year are:

Saturday 14 April 2007: Candice Delisle (Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL) ‘Between the Particular and the General: Conrad Gesner’s Correspondence’

Saturday 5 May 2007: Simon Schaffer (HPS, University of Cambridge) ‘The Information Order of Newtonianism’

Saturday 2 June 2007:

Catherine Rider (Christ’s College, Cambridge) ‘The Doctor and the Witches: Bartholomaeus Carrichter’s On the Healing of Magical Illnesses (1551)’

Venue: Room ST273, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square. Time: 2-4pm Refreshments are served after the talk.

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The 2007-8 series (which will be finalised shortly) will include papers by: Peter Harrison, Susan James, Stephen Johnston, Felicity Henderson and Pascal Brioist.

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