Highlighting Science, Technology & Innovation in Europe

The first, pan-European interdisciplinary scientific meeting – EuroScience Open Forum 2004 (ESOF2004) – will be held in Stockholm 25-28 August 2004 to provide a forum for open dialogue on Science & Technology in European society.

This project, initiated by Euroscience (a pan-european association of individuals interested in constructing scientific Europe), involves many important European organisations. Initial support has been received from founding partners in Europe as well as in Sweden.

The aim of the EuroScience Open Forum is to highlight science in Europe. The main aims are to:

* present science and the humanities at the cutting-edge * stimulate scientific awareness * foster debate on science and society

The participants in 2004 will be academics, policy makers, politicians and representatives from media and the science based industries.

Call for proposals

You are invited to take part in EuroScience Open Forum, 25 — 28 August 2004 in Stockholm, by submitting a proposal for the scientific part of the programme!

The types of sessions you may propose are:

* “Pro” and “Con” Debate – Two speakers are involved. One is assigned to speak for a certain belief or view-point and the other speaker against. It is essential that there is a certain element of respectful dialogue in a session of this kind in order to bring the topic forward. The session should be moderated by a third person with strong communicative skills * Workshop – Could be on any topic. It may be practically oriented or have a more theoretical content. It should be led by someone experienced from such undertakings and there should be a large degree of preparation including work material if necessary. * Discussion – One to three speakers set the stage with brief (5 minutes) opening presentations. Thereafter the floor is open to an interactive dialogue with the audience. * Interview – An experienced interviewer has a dialogue in a personalised fashion with the interviewee. It can be quite informal but must of course be extremely well prepared. * Seminar — A session involving two to four speakers and an interactive educational dialogue with a participant audience. * Symposium – A session involving two to four speakers (if 1.5 hrs) or three to six speakers (if 3 hrs) with a broad audience addressed and a large attendance expected.

It is also possible to choose another stimulating format that suits your proposal.

A session may be 1.5 or 3 hours long. There is a list of potential themes intended to stimulate thought on creation of sessions. It must be pointed out that good ideas on other themes are welcome!

You can easily submit your proposals by our online submission form, which also includes instructions on how to fill in the form. If you want more complete information on how to submit your proposal, please read/download the proposal instructions (PDF). Deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, 15 September, 2003! Full details at http://www.esof2004.org/.