Conference: February 13-15, 2009 “Evolution and Religion: Towards a History of an Evolving Relationship” Clemson University

Co-Organizers: Dawn M. Digrius, Clemson University; Richard England, Salisbury University Contact Information: [email protected];

Historians have long charted the relationship between evolution and religion, designating its interactions as conflict or cooperation, casting the religious reading of evolutionary theory in terms of reaction and response. Recent studies have introduced different ways of thinking about this area of historical study: the spatial turn in history has shown the power of local circumstances to determine the way the meanings of evolution are interpreted and appropriated: studies informed by book history have shown the significance of the means in which statements on science and religion were produced and read: and the way in which the popular understandings of evolution and faith shaped each other is emphasized in recent histories which emphasize “appropriation” rather than “reaction.”

This conference will contribute to the growing understanding of the diverse relations of evolutionary and religious thinking in America and beyond, add to the historiographical richness of our understanding of science and religion, and map the localities and trends of a dynamic field. Confirmed speakers include Edward Larson (University of Georgia), Jerry Waldvogel (Clemson University) and Joe Cain (University College, London).

Registration Begins November 30, 2008. Please see for link to registration website.

contact person: Dawn M. Digrius, Ph.D. Lecturer, Science and Technology in Society Adjunct Lecturer, Department of History Clemson University 305 Strode 864-656-2299 [email protected]