Interdisciplinary workshop

:  ‘Expertise’ in the Eighteenth Century

University of Liverpool, Friday 22 May 2009

Eighteenth-Century Worlds Research Centre,

In the quest to trace the origins of modern-day notions and practices of “expertise”, historians have consistently turned to the eighteenth century for its roots. The subject of this part-day interdisciplinary workshop is to critically explore such claims and even whether the term “expertise” can be used during this century.

Speakers include:

Mark Aronson

Dr William J. Ashworth

Dr Erica Charters

Professor Philippe Minard

Christelle Rabier

Professor Leonard N. Rosenband

Convenor: Dr William J. Ashworth

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(History, Liverpool)   (History, Utah State), on ‘Entrepreneurs as Apprentices: Expertise and the Pursuit of Solvency in Eighteenth-Century Papermaking’ (Centre Alexandre-Koyre), regarding expertise and medical authority in the eighteenth century(Universite Paris 8 and EHESS), on ‘Facing uncertainty: markets, norms and conventions in the eighteenth century’ (History, Liverpool), regarding the British navy and ‘quality control’ in the eighteenth century (History, Liverpool), on ‘Quality and the evolution of manufacturing “Expertise” in eighteenth-century Britain'(Yale Center for British Art) on ‘Benjamin West and the Venetian Secret: What did he know and when did he know it?’