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The British Society for the History of Science is a registered charity and donations enable us to carry out our core activities. Here is some feedback from members we have been able to support through grants:

‘The BSHS was my lifeline when my son was little and I was between jobs’

‘My colleagues in my own department weren’t interested in my research, but everybody welcomed me at the BSHS’

‘Without that grant, I could never have finished my PhD’

‘As a retired academic, the BSHS has helped me attend conferences that I could never have afforded otherwise’

‘By offering child-care support during conferences, the BSHS is way ahead of most organisations’

‘The best workshop I’ve been to recently was a one-day event sponsored by the BSHS’

For more details of grants that are available click here.

I really hope that we can keep that momentum going and maintain the BSHS’s premier role in promoting history of science throughout the world. Your donation will help us to do that, so thank you.

– Dr Patricia Fara, President, British Society for the History of Science.

We have two options for you to consider, so please click on the link for whichever suits you best.

Donate: Set up a one time, or regular donations to the BSHS

Legacy: Leave funds to the BSHS as part of your legacy