The British Society for the History of Science is a registered charity. In supporting the vigour of the discipline, we administer small grants schemes to provide seed corn funding for valuable history of science projects and to enable those less able to pay to take part in our activities. Donations are essential in enabling us to do this. Here is some feedback from members we have been able to support in this way:

‘Winning the BSHS grant has been invaluable to my postgraduate studies. Without it, I would not have been able to undertake the Master’s. The grant not only helped practically and logistically, but also gave me confidence. I am not from a science background and have at times felt a little out of my depth on the course, but knowing that my research idea is strong and worthy of funding has kept up my enthusiasm and determination that I can offer a valuable contribution to the field.’ – Kate Shaw

‘I am grateful to the BSHS for their support; the bursary allowed me to take up a place on UCL’s Medieval and Renaissance Studies MA. The highlight for me was the assessed ‘manuscript project’. In the British Library, I investigated the contents of a small, late 12th- or early 13th-century medical compendium that was rebound in the 15th century and which once belonged to William Scheves, Archbishop of St Andrews. This manuscript included a hitherto unknown copy of the Antidotarium Magnum​, an 11th-century pharmaceutical text. I was glad to be able to bring this manuscript to the attention of Dr Kathleen Walker-Meikle, who, alongside Professor Monica Green, is producing an online edition of the AM; it has now been included in their working list of extant manuscripts of this text. To see this part of my coursework have positive effects elsewhere in academia was thrilling, and is something that I could not have experienced without the Society’s support.’ – Hazel Blair

‘The BSHS was my lifeline when my son was little and I was between jobs.’

‘My colleagues in my own department weren’t interested in my research, but everybody welcomed me at the BSHS.’

‘Without that grant, I could never have finished my PhD.’

‘As a retired academic, the BSHS has helped me attend conferences that I could never have afforded otherwise.’

‘By offering child-care support during conferences, the BSHS is way ahead of most organisations.’

‘The best workshop I’ve been to recently was a one-day event sponsored by the BSHS.’

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I really hope that we can keep that momentum going and maintain the BSHS’s premier role in promoting history of science throughout the world. Your donation will help us to do that, so thank you.

Dr Patricia Fara

President, The British Society for the History of Science

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