Dear Colleagues:

Allow me to announce a Philosophy of Biology Graduate Training Workshop being held in San Francisco, September 23-26, 2004.

The 2004 ISHPSSB Future Directions Workshop (FDISH) (http://www.ishpssb.org/workshop2004/) will be an excellent opportunity for graduate students, advanced undergraduates, post-docs and young faculty interested in philosophy of biology. We have an interactive schedule planned with great faculty participants, and hope that you will strongly encourage those in your department with a professional interest in philosophy of biology to apply to attend our workshop.

FDISH is structured around four invited speakers, various small-group roundtable discussions, practical workshops, and planned, but informal, meetings with faculty from around the greater San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere.

The workshop features talks by Jay Odenbaugh (Lewis and Clark College), Jason Robert (Arizona State University), Kim Sterelny (The Australian National University and Victoria University, Wellington), and Edna Suárez Diaz (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), as well as other faculty participants.

The application deadline is July 14th, so please get those applications in as soon as possible! Furthermore, we have funds available for graduate student travel reimbursement (though students must be ISHPSSB members to qualify). Please apply online: http://www.ishpssb.org/workshop2004/registration.htm

If you have any questions about our workshop, please do not hesitate to write me. Below I have attached a flyer that can be posted to advertise our workshop, I would appreciate it if you could print it out and post where appropriate.

The philosophy of biology is intertwined closely with the history and sociology of biology, and so graduate training in these areas should also be integrated. As such, FDISH has invited and seeks scholars and graduate students of these, and other, disciplines to join us.

Thanks much for your time, and we hope to see you in San Francisco this fall!

-Matt Haber UC Davis, Department of Philosophy; Center for Population Biology [email protected]

http://www.ishpssb.org/workshop2004/ hosted by:

The University of California Davis and The University of San Francisco

sponsored by:

ISHPSSB The National Science Foundation UC Davis Dean of Graduate Studies UC Davis Dean of Social Sciences UC Davis Dean of Biological Sciences University of San Francisco Indiana University History and Philosophy of Science UC Davis Department of Philosophy

organized by:

Melinda Fagan, [email protected], Indiana University Patrick Forber, [email protected], Stanford University Vivette Garcia-Deister, [email protected], UNAM Matt Haber, [email protected], UC Davis Andrew Hamilton, [email protected], UC San Diego, USF Grant Yamashita, [email protected], UC Davis

For further information, please visit the website at: