The Society has decided to make funds available to increase access to its Annual Conference. It appreciates that delegates with responsibilities as carers often find it difficult to make alternative arrangements for the duration of the conference. The Society is therefore offering a limited number of grants (up to £100) towards the cost of delegate’s care arrangements during the BSHS Annual Conference.

  • Applicants must be members of the Society
  • Preference will be given to those who are delivering papers at the conference
  • The grant may be used to cover the cost of care either at the conference location or in the applicant’s home location
  • Costs should be realistic and as reasonable as possible
  • Please note that grant income is usually treated as taxable income. It is your responsibility, as the recipient, to make any necessary declarations to HMRC or the relevant authorities.

The Society realises that, at the time of application, delegates may not be able to state with certainty the alternative care arrangements they will make. Thus, the application form asks only for an indication of intended plans and likely costs. However, successful applicants will need to submit the claim form, and this does request details of the actual arrangements. This information will be useful to the Society in improving our understanding of the access issues facing our members, and suggesting what further assistance the Society could offer.

The deadline shall be the same as the registration deadline for the annual conference, unless otherwise advertised.

Applications will be considered by the Treasurer, and other experts as appropriate. No interviews will be held. The Society may offer an amount less than that applied for. No correspondence will be entered into except under exceptional circumstances.

Note: The Society understands that some delegates or others involved in a conference may require the use of local childcare facilities close to the conference venue. Details of childcare providers can be obtained by telephoning Childcare Link on 0800 096 0296, alternatively by accessing Whilst the Society understand that the Child Information Service and Childcare Link are a reliable source for childcare information, the Society does not accept responsibility and liability from using either of these services.

This grant is not currently open for applications.