The British Society for the History of Science (BSHS)

The British Society for the History of Science

Recently Awarded Grants 2011

The following grants were awarded by the society in 2011:

Masters course bursaries

Masters course bursaries of £1000 were awarded to:

  • Gemma Reed, CHSTM, University of Manchester
  • Rachel Boon, CHSTM, University of Manchester
  • Jared Keller, Imperial College/London Centre
  • Rupert Cole, Imperial College/ London Centre

Research Grants

  • Adam Warren, Executive Journeys: Travel, Comfort and Performance in the Jet Age £400
  • Caroline Gillan, Science and Patronage in Eighteenth Century Britain: The Role of Lord Bute as Patron, £500
  • Gowan Dawson, Whatever Happened to TH Huxley’s Missing ‘Cuvier Article’?, £200
  • Lida Barner, Intellectual Plunder: Exploitation of Jewish Patents in the Third Reich, £500
  • Miriam Brusius, Objects Without Status – Pictures Without Purpose. The Organisation And Visualisation Of Middle Eastern Archaeological Finds in 19th Century Europe, £500
  • Timothy Cooper, Expertise and Environmental Justice: Technological Change and the Politics of Waste Disposal in Twentieth Century Britain, £400

Special Projects

£900 was awarded each to:

  • Iwan Morus, Exploring the Visual Culture of Victorian Physics
  • Emily Winterburn, The World Under a Microscope or how Leeds helped to shape our understanding of the Earth and the environment

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