The Special Project Fund provides support for those who have ideas for projects which will promote the general aims of the Society, viz to foster the understanding of the history and social impact of science, technology and medicine, in all their branches, in the academic and the wider communities. It is not intended for straightforward academic research projects, which are covered under the Research Grants scheme.

At present, the Society would be particularly interested in projects which would involve the wider community, but the remit of this grant scheme is purposefully broad to encourage diverse ideas.

Applications are invited in two cycles per year, with deadlines of 30 September and 31 March each year. The sums available will vary depending on the balance available in the Society’s Special Projects Fund, but grants could potentially range from £50 to £1500. The Society reserves the right to make no grants if no suitable projects are proposed.

  • Applicants must be members of the Society
  • The proposed project must contribute to the Society’s aims and objectives (see Mission Statement)
  • The application must be fully costed, and include a definite plan of action
  • Projects should be feasible, with a realistic likelihood of completion within a year
  • Funding is not available for academic conferences. Potential conference organisers should see the guidelines on our conference pages
  • Funding is not available for publishing costs
  • Please note that grant income is usually treated as taxable income. It is your responsibility, as the recipient, to make any necessary declarations to HMRC or the relevant authorities.

Members of the Society who have ideas for projects, but do not as yet feel able to submit a fully costed and planned proposal, would be welcome to discuss their ideas with the Societies officers or with the chair of the relevant committee.

Applications should be made on the form below, and should include a brief curriculum vitae as well as a detailed description of the proposed project. A referee should be asked to send a supporting statement using the form .

Applications will be considered by members of the Society’s Grants Committee, and other experts as appropriate. No interviews will be held. The Society may offer an amount less than that applied for. Details of successful applicants may be published in the Society’s newsletter Viewpoint where appropriate. No correspondence will be entered into except under exceptional circumstances.

Depending on the size of the grant, it may be paid at the start of the agreed award period, or in instalments during the award period. Grants not taken up within six months will be cancelled. Successful applicants must submit a financial statement, and an informal 900-word report for publication in Viewpoint at the end of their award period (usually 12 months); and must acknowledge the support of the Society in any publications or presentations relating to the funded project.

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