The theme of this interdisciplinary conference is the contribution to human well-being that may be made by the human sciences through their engagement with issues concerning health and both the natural and built environment.

The human sciences, for the purpose of this conference, are to be understood in a broad way. Submissions of conference presentations will be welcome from people working in any of the following (and related) disciplines:- Archaeology, Architecture, Art Studies, Buddhist Studies, Economics and Business Studies, Education, Environmental Studies, Geography, Health Studies, History, Law, Literature, Medical Ethics, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Psychology, Social Anthropology, and Sociology. Sub-themes of the conference will include the following:- Health and the Arts, Health and Religion, Health Education, The Concept of Mental Health, Issues in Medical Ethics, The Relevance of the History of Medicine, Issues in Environmental Ethics, Religion and the Environment, Landscape and Gardens, Architecture and Environment, Heritage and Environment, Environmental Education, Food Culture, Issues in Business Ethics, Indigenous Knowledge and Disaster Management.

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